Sesame Street Şarkı Sözleri

A Bark In The Dark

A Birdie's Eye

A Brand New Baby

A Cat Hat A Birthday

A Face

A Friend For All Season

A Gift

A Hole In The Bucket

A Letter To Ling Lu

A New Way To Walk

A Really Good Feeling

A Song From Kermit

A Very Simple Dance

A, You're Adorable



Above It All




African Alphabet

Ain't No Road Too Long


All By Myself

All Dressed Up

Alphabet Bully

Alphabet Jungle

Alphabet Soup


Animal Department Store

Ask Some Questions

B Or Not A B

Baby Blankie Blues

Baby, Sat It Loud

Bats In My Belfry

Bayou Alphabet

Be Doodle

Be My D


Beginning, Middle And An End

Behind Your Face

Being A Pig

Being Green

Believe In Yourself

Bert And Ernie And The Fan

Bert And Ernie's Blackout

Bert And The Beanstalk

Bert Can't Sleep

Bert's Blanket

Bert's Lament

Bert's Love Song

Bert's Nap

Best Friends


Big Bird Can't Fly

Big Blue Marbie

Big Kids Cry

Big Round Nose

Blue Suede Shoes

Blueberry Mouth


Born To Add

Breakfast Time

Brush Brush Boogie

Bubble On My Snuffle

Bus Stop

But I Like You


Buy A Garden Wall

C Drives Me Crazy

C Is For Cokkie

Calcutta Joe

Capital I

Captain Vegetable

Carribbean Amphibian

Catch Another Butterfly

Celery Bunch

Cereal Girl


Chickens In The Trees



Clink, Clank

Clucky Clucky Chicken

Co Operation Makes It Happen

Cokkie Disco

Cokkie For The Smallest Person


Come Follow Me

Couldn't We Ride

Count It Higher

Count On Me

Count Up To Nine

Counting Is Wonderful

Country In The City

Couple Of Grouches

Creature Feature


Daddy Dear

Dance Myself To Sleep

Danger's No Stranger

Days Of The Week

Dear Mr. Cokkie

Dee, Dee, Dee

Different Ways

Dinner For 9

Disco Frog

Do De Rubber Duck

Do The Benny Hop

Do The Dog

Do You Like Me ?

Doin' The Pigeon

Doin' The Trash

Doing The Family Thing

Doing The Penguin

Don't Eat The Pictures

Don't Forget To Watch The Movie

Down Below The Street

Down By The Old Mill Stream

Dressed Up

Durango Mountain Caballero

Easy Going Day

Eatin' Cokkie

Eight Beautiful Notes

Elbows And Knees

Eleven Morning

Elmo And The Lavender Moon

Elmo's Opera Lullaby

Elmo's Song

Ernie And Bert Share A Cokkie

Ernie Breaks The Cokkie Jar

Ernie Cleans Up The Apatment

Ernie Eats Cokkies In Bed

Ernie Hepls Bert With Sneeze

Ernie Puts Away His Toys

Ernie Questions His Existence

Ernie Takes A Bath

Ernie Writes A Story

Everybody Eats

Everybody Sleeps

Everybody Wash

Everybody's Song

Everyone Likes Ice Cream

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everything Goes


Farley Learns To Read




Figure It Out


Five Bears In The Bed

Five Monsters In My Family

Five People In My Family

Five Purple Konkers

Fixing My Hair

Follow The Arrows

Forty Blocks From My Home


Four Furry Friends


Frazzle Likes To Eat ... Croissant

Frogs In The Glen

Front Back Dancing Yaks

Funny Farm


Furry Happy Monsters

Fuzzy And Blue

Little Bit

This Is A Song Without A Reason

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