Usher Şarkı Sözleri - Can U Help Me

Usher - Can U Help Me

Albüm : Live

Living on the edge outta control
And the world just won't let me slow down
But in my biggest picture was a photo of you and me
Girl you know I try
I work hard to provide all the material things
That I thought would make you happy
I'm confused
Can you make me understand
Cause I'm tryin' to give you the best of me
I thought we were cool maybe I was blind
But never took time to see

Will you help me
Tell me what you want from me
Can you help me
Tell me why you wanna leave me
Baby help me
Without you my whole world is fallin' apart
And I am going crazy
Life's a prison when you're in love alone
I need you to come back home
I don't wanna be alone

Girl I put your love up on a shelf
And I guess I just left it to die
And now we're not together
Cause I hurt you too many times
And now you're not around
I wish for every moment of time that got wasted
We used it to make sweet love
Baby be my guide please take my hand
I want you to know that I got you if you need it
Don't wanna be on the outside lookin' in
I gotta have you girl, can't you see it


Please stay don't go
I don't want it to be over
Give me another chance
I wanna be your man
Girl you got me
Down here on my knees
Cryin', beggin', pleadinI'll do anything for your love


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